I built my first d/h kiln with a home dehumidifier in 2005. I had pictures and a brief description of my contraption on the “sawing” page. It drew a good deal of interest from hobby  woodworkers, and I was contacted by many of them asking advice on building their own. For the brotherhood of woodworking, I spent many hours e-mailing and talking on the phone with anyone who inquired. I helped dozens of people build a version of my kiln that suited their situation, once you understand the very simple principles that make the kiln work it is easily adapted. After my plans started showing up on eBay for sale by another I had given them to, I stopped giving the info away and added this page and started selling them there myself My 100% positive eBay feedback on my plans

I am not claiming to have invented the wheel with my kiln, it’s been done by many for many years.  With enough research and development you could eventually build your own d/h kiln, I did. They  are just an airtight box with a home d/h unit for the main component and a few other hardware store items. What  I am offering is some time savings by giving advice on what not to do and some recommendations on making your kiln work as well as it can. My plans are flexible in size, shape and location of use. My kiln sets in an unheated shed, some I have helped with are outside and others are in the basement. They are also flexible in materials of construction . Some of the kilns I have been involved in making are as simple an insulated tarp over a wood frame to make the kiln chamber, some were made from cabinet grade plywood and set in the workshop as a functional workbench.

Too avoid making this page too long I will give the basic description of my kiln and what it does. I can take partially air dried wood to below 8% in 14-20 days, depending on species and starting moisture content. I have $200 total invested  in my kiln, others have spent as much as $400 for cabinet grade plywood and more expensive temperature/humidity monitoring equipment. From a few random months records, the kiln costs less that $.05 bft in electricity to dry the wood. All the wood in any of the projects on this website as well as wood I have sold as kiln dried was ran in my kiln. If you have looked at the other pages you will see stock like 24” wide curly maple slabs I have dried safely with 0% loss in my kiln. Each one of which is  worth more than I have invested in the kiln, and I have thrown them in there 20 at a time.

I am offering my kiln plans and free tech support during the building of your kiln, as well as advice as you get started drying wood if you need it. You know how to get ahold of me, my e-mail address and phone number are on the contact page. My plans and experience are available as AN E-MAIL ATTACHMENT for $25 (I don't mail a hard copy-if you send a check please include an e-mail address to send them to. You can save them to your computer/print them out). https://www.paypal.com/ accepted.

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